28th Year Travel Journal - 2




This is why I love Erik.  The bit in the right hand corner might be a little hard to read so I will sum up.  We tuned into a classical station on the radio and after a minute or so realized that the piece was skipping and playing the same section over and over again.  I said that I thought it was skipping and Erik (in a maniacal voice said) "It IS skipping!  I'm going to listen until they fix it! haha"  Then we lost the signal.

The hostel that we stayed at in Salida.
If you are interested in staying there, this is their site:

This is a ranch gate I designed as a joke for my Aunt's place based on some of the ostentatious ones we saw.
The Million Dollar Highway.
Not good for motion sickness.

Tomorrow a "comic" I made at the start of the trip.

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