Very Special Birthday Hat

     This drawing is the natural result of my cake and decorating show obsession.  
     I imagine the cake is exactly what my own topsy-turvy attempt would look like in the non-ink reality.


Comic Friday!

    So, this is going to be too much explanation for a one panel comic, but if I may:

     I've always found it novel that in SciFi stories AI often want desperately to be human.  Probably because humans have drilled it into them that somehow to be human is better (as would have to be done to keep a super powered slave race at bay).

     My robot - unlike Asimov's Andrew Martin who found the ultimate success (spoiler alert) was to die - has instead discovered that it is crap to be human.

     What is up with their legs, you ask (in my mind)?
As an 80's child, I believe the future of robotics will be entirely constructed of vacuum cleaner parts and tin cans and that the design will be based on some future-y  aesthetic instead of actual scientific reason.


Creative Exercise - S.C.A.M.P.E.R.

Creative exercises are an excellent way to keep the chemicals in your brain moving around - especially when you are feeling particularly uninspired.

S.C.A.M.P.E.R. is actually a series of creative catalysts to make you look at your subject in a new light.
Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify, Put to new use, Eliminate, Reverse/Rearrange.
If you would like to learn more, this site - - - >  - - - has a series of helper questions and explanations to get you started.



   In case it is not yet apparent, I love monsters.  Monster people, monster birds, monster bird people, monster monsters - they are all fantastic in my book.  I have begun to think that this love stems from the incredible difficulties of just being human in day to day linear existence.

The monster allows for the beast - those instinctive or emotional parts of ourselves simply to be without explanation or expectation.



     This drawing has some similarities to an oddity of my grandmother's that I have always coveted.

     What she has is this small wooden stage with a large carved moon looming over some twisted woods.  On the stage stand a variety of strange animals with human legs.  The figures are only flat painted cutouts of wood with stands but they have a magic that makes them seem very real.  I am inexorably drawn to this sort of magic.  To the point where my only goal in life is to re-create it.


Ink Skeletons

I love how skeletal structures lend themselves to thin, wiggly, inky lines.  The last one is a pelican but it would make an excellent replacement for a flamingo lawn ornament.  


Cut Paper Rabbits

Supposedly in the Year of the Rabbit it is lucky to have rabbits around your home, so I made these as a general encouragement to the universe.  They are also my first attempts at cut paper.

Swing Set

This is a swing set at a playground near my apartment.  Swinging is very contemplative, if nauseating, activity for me.

Zoo Sketches

Sketches from a trip to the zoo.


Robot and Bird With Birdcages

I did this sketch while avoiding something important. 

A Comic of Sorts

Clockwork Bird

     This drawing was inspired by my sister's Steampunk themed baby shower.  I am designing the invitations, which include a different clockwork bird.  

This bird is used by lovers to deliver sweet or racy messages.

First Post

To start us off, here are some doodles.

I was watching Project Runway - as is often the case - and thinking about styling.  There is a point in each episode where Tim Gunn tells the contestants to use the accessory wall with care.  Originally I was doing fashion drawings based on each of the challenges, but that quickly dissolved into drawing accessories and hairstyles based on nothing in particular.  I am inspired by the way people accessorize themselves to showcase their individuality.
These turned out a lot more fun than the outfits.